Nepal Telecom vs NCELL: Comparison in some aspects

 Well, Nepal has two major mobile phone providers Nepal Telecom and NCELL unlike (UTL,NEPAL SATELLITE). Nepal Telecom is semi autonomous company whereas NCELL is fully autonomous company. As we can see Telecom business is the most profitable business in Nepal and these two companies are key players.

I want to compare these two companies in some of aspects which is designed by myself:



 No of Users[mobile]  ntc have little more little less than ntc
 Night Tariff  0.55 per min  0.70 per min
 Day Tariff 1.50 per min  1.99 per min
GPRS  .10 per 100kb .06 per 100 kb
 SMS[national]  1 in NTC  1 in Ncell
 SMS[international] Rs 5 Rs 10
 Call USA,Canada 4.0 1.99
 Call India 2.90 2.99
 3G Call 2.0 1.99

By looking as above data it seems that both companies are working harder for having a nice competitions.

  • Anyone

    GPRS of ncell is less than that of ntc ???

  • Rajendra Dulal

    Ntc vs Ncell data packs…