Brings Nepali Literature to E-Readers has brought e-publications of Nepali literature. Now one can find their favorite literature on e-readers, at an affordable slight lower price.

An e-commerce company, jointly collaborating with nepa~laya, has made available the works of Nepali Literature to digital reading. When running out of shelf space had been a problem, and when portability comes; there’s no alternative than e-reading.

And has pushed its step ahead to the market of digital publishing of many famous Nepali literature. The company believes to reach its market-ship on digital Nepali literature beyond the country, giving access to multiple compatible formats, besides PDFs and ePubs.

“Distribution of Nepali books to places beyond Nepal has been a great challenge to Nepali publishers. We now have a solution.” said Kiran Krishna Shrestha of nepa~laya.

credit: Republica

For those readers, who prefer a soft copy of Nepali literature can now buy online through The store currently holds best selling novels by Narayan Wagle. E-book downloads are available on PDF, ePub and MOBI formats.

Courtesy: MyRepublica