Nepali Android Apps To Choose From

So, you’ve got your Android device and heading for over millions of apps on the Play Store? Moreover, thinking of trying apps made for users based in Nepal or from developers in Nepal? Well then we’ve hand-picked some of the helpful Nepali Android apps to install from the Google Play Store. These apps are definitely a must try apps.

nLocate-snapnLocate: nLocate is a stunning mobile app from Nepways that helps user to search and find route to reach the place desired. By using your device’s orientation tools and Internet connectivity, allows you to see direction, find important places (currently places in and around Kathmandu) and even see business details. It includes advance search features with specific keywords and has already listed numbers of hospitals, colleges, restaurants, banks, ATMs, police etc. Give it a try.

Hamro Patro: Stay connected to Nepali dates wherever you are with Nepali calendar app, Hamro Patro. HamroPatro-hrIt includes a beautiful user-interface with time and calendar widgets; includes events information and push notification. It features daily Horoscopes, date and currency converter and Gold & Silver Price information. Recent version of Hamro Patro comes with another great interactive feature allowing user to listen to Nepali FMs online, calling it “Hamro Radio”. This must have app is developed by Shanker Upreti. Another featured Nepali Calendar app is Nepali Patro, providing information on Nepali festivals and events and even organizing events and promoting them.

loadshedding-appNepali Load Shedding Schedule: Tired of frequent Load Shedding schedule changes? This free app serves users with smart way to view load shedding schedule. You can easily update new schedule, view saved schedule and also send SMS schedule to any phone. You can view remaining time countdown, receive notifications for specified Group. A very useful feature is, it allows you to search your Group by Location Name.

News of Nepal: Get news from Nepal with this free app developed by Gundruk Apps. You can easily access to news sources: Nepal News, The Himalayan Times, eKantipur in one simple user-friendly interface. The app also includes International coverage of Nepali News.


Trek Nepal: Trek Nepal app is another location finding app esp. for those interested in trekking in the Himalayas! It includes information and useful features for anyone planning a trip for trekking. It features detail information on many individual trekking routes including interactive maps and profiles. A socially interactive map featuring photos from fellow trekkers and allowing you to add your own; and GPS based altitude readings are other additional features.

GSM Tool for Nepal: This free app minimizes hassles while executing network services such as querying balance, recharging account balance etc. over pressing asterisk(*) and has (#) keys. It is only for users of mobile operators in Nepal and only works under Ncell and NT’s prepaid GSM network.

Radio Nepali: Radio Nepali, another free app that brings Nepali online radio stations to your Android device. It gives you a simple user interface to interact with 80 plus list of Nepali Radio Stations. Have fun listening!

Bagh Chal: Technoguff brings one of the traditional board games “Bagh Chal” to android platform. This game features single player, two players and Bluetooth modes with options to select either goat or tiger. This is a wonderful app with a simpler interface but yet addictive.

Beside these there are other hundreds of apps from Nepali Developers. Have a look through Google Play Store and let us know if we have left any gems behind?

This article was originally posted in the March edition of Looza: RCM E-MAG from Kalopati. Looza: RCM E-MAG is a monthly online magazine published by Rotaract Club of Mahabouddha.

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