Sparrow SMS Celebrates 3rd Anniversay, Plans to Go Global Within a Year

Sparrow SMS -an SMS gateway and a leading VAS provider has successfully completed its third year. Started in 2010 by Janaki Technology, Sparrow has been providing services ranging from SMS Marketing and campaigns for businesses to receiving live football scores, getting SLC results and updating your Facebook status via. SMS.

The Plans Ahead

Sparrow SMSThe company has announced its plans to launch the product in international market within 2013. The company has made a roadmap to launch the product in South America , Brunei , Maldives and New Zealand. They also plan to launch a new version of Sparrow SMS System with new features within a month along with an Android application later this year.

Talking about he experience so far, Amit Agarwal – the CEO of the company recalls it to be a adventerous experience with a passionate team. Amit, on his blog writes:

This journey of Sparrow SMS involved so many choices, each an adventurous story in itself. We remember normal office days turning into hackathons— working overnight, clashing of ideas, finding successes, each and every one of it defines the success of Sparrow SMS down these years.

Sparrow SMS is a product of Janaki Technology – a company started by 2 students in their college. The company has also launched other products like Picovico and Social Aves. You can read the story of Janaki Technologies here.