‘Yala Mahotsav 2013’: Motive To Promote The ‘City of Living Arts’


With an aim on promoting the arts, culture and tradition of the ancient city, Lalitpur is going to experience another lively event to be held from the 28th March to 3rd April.

Lalitpur Festival 2013, Yala Mahotsav 1133 (यल महोत्सव ११३३), is being jointly organised by Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City (LSMC), Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and Jyapu Samaj, Yala. It will be covering most of municipal area in Patan, with the participation of 77 different communities. The festival organisers believe it to be one of the grandeur of all city festival ever in Nepal and estimates the grandest participations from all communities to make this event mega and extravagant event of the year.

Establishing the city as the “City of Handicrafts”, the festival targets to give life back to the historical traditions ever existed, existing and verge of extinct and extinct. The festival has an envision in promoting its rich cultural, heritage, tradition, arts and crafts nationally and internationally. The festival would not only integrate all parts of Lalitpur district but also embrace SAARC countries and China for celebration and socio-economic & cultural exchange.


The seven days of carnival and festival will offer the display of rich tangible and intangible cultural heritage from 77 communities, bringing together the traditional music & dance, arts and crafts from modern days to ancient times. The festival will offer more exciting recreational activities for kids and grown-ups, a narrated tour for tourists, highlighting district’s historic places and communities.

  • Over 1000 stalls focusing local products of district, national products, products from SAARC regions and international market.
  • Concert Show in four different places.
  • Yala Cup of table tennis.
  • Daily Cultural Shows, Local Food Stalls.
  • Handicraft Expo, Locality Base Cultural Shows
  • Aand many more entertainment, felicitations and competitions.

Lalitpur Festival 2013 aims to promote Lalitpur, “City of Living Arts” as one of the must go Tourist Destination in Nepal. The festival will truly be an ideal venue for all exhibitors, national and international businessmen, art lovers and collectors. And help transform the City into a vibrant, creative, social, cultural, artistic, inventive and industrial exchanging hub, attracting thousand of visitors from all over the globe annually.


(Picture: Shikhar Bhattarai/flickr)

  • Shrijan Awale

    I came all here searching if bloggers are aware of our yala mahotsav. Nice post PASA, post more about this please.