The Top E-commerce Sites in Nepal

Want to buy a new cloth, a book, a mobile phone or even order your lunch online from your home. Yes, it is possible in Nepal and there are a lot of companies offering these services. Though problems like lack of proper payment gateway, transportation and internet reliability are existent in Nepal, many innovators have developed some innovative e-commerce services in Nepal.

We have made a list of some e-commerce sites in Nepal. Most of them are used primarily by Nepalis living aboard who wish to send gifts to Nepal.
Ecommerce Sites in Nepal

Traditional e-commerce sites: Muncha is probably the most popular e-commerce site in Nepal. It is popular among non-residential Nepalis to send gifts to any part of Nepal. The site is popular for buying birthday cakes, flowers, gifts, toys as well as electronic items. You can pay via. E-banking, credit card or even cash-on delivery. Launched by Kantipur Publications, Yeskantipur aims to provide everything to your doorstep. A wide variety of items including books, electronic items, home appliances, food and beverages are available from different vendors. The services are available only inside Kathmandu valley with cash-on-delivery or e-banking. There is no delivery charge for items inside ring road. Special discounts are announced on the site in regular interval. Rojeko has a wide variety of items for those willing to buy products inside Nepal or those willing to send gifts to Nepal. Rojeko is mostly focused on electronic items. Payment can be done via. Paypal, credit cards, e-sewa or cash-on-delivery. There is always a crazy offer with heavy discount for a product. The popular departmental store, Bhatbhateni has its own e-commerce site. Different types of items available on departmental store are also available on its online portal. Payment can be done via. Paypal, e-banking or credit card.

Some innovative e-commerce products:

Apart from traditional e-commerce sites, some entrepreneurs have implemented revolutionary ideas in Nepali market. With features of viewing and ordering products online, these services have their specialties which make them different from other sites. Here are a few innovative ideas implement in Nepal: Harilo allows people in Nepal to buy good from US retails and pay from Nepal. You can simply oder products from any US-based websites like Amazon and get them delivered to you in Nepal via. Harilo. In other words, you get the same services as US citizen. You can pay via. E-banking, Paypal and a lot of other options which also includes writing a check to Harilo. Recently launched by a group of young enterpreneurs, Metrotarkari is a unique product in Nepal which delivers vegetables at your doorstep. With an ambition of reducing the gap between farmers and customers, the site allows users to select vegetables, fruits or meat online and get them delivered at the doorstep with cash-on-delivery facility. Foodmandu is another unique service, which delivers food from different restaurants in Kathmandu and Lalitpur to your doorstep. It has a list of 75 different restaurants in valley and their menus from which you order any items of your choice. The items get delivered within an hour and payment can be cash-on-delivery.

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