Choosing an Internet Service Provider in Nepal


With the advancement in Information Technology, it had never been this easier connecting, browsing, sharing resource in Social Medias and of course staying updated. Now, people living in US are reachable from another corner of the world as easily as people from next town. About half of the world’s population uses internet and the number is increasing vigorously. Being part of this world, Nepal has also been affected by the rising trend of Internet usage. Along with growth in internet users, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are also emerging in significant numbers. However, the availability of different ISPs increases the dilemma of choosing the right one.

This article compares some of the ISPs prevalent in Nepal based on their types of service and cost. In Nepal, some of services provided by ISPs are ADSL, wireless, cable, mobile broadband that differs from each other on specification and costing. You can select ISP and its services, depending on the services available in your place of residence.

Services provided by the following ISPs are compared below:

NTC, Ncell, World Link, Broadlink, Subishu, Classic Tech, UTL, Web Surfer, Mercantile, Vianet, CWC

All of the comparisons are based on type of service plan provided by ISPs.


Unlimited Internet Plan

Provider Service Speed Details Offers Monthly Cost
NTC ADSL 192Kbps , 384 Kbps Monthly Renewal None Rs 1017 , Rs 1695(With VAT)
[Registration : Rs 500]
World Link Wi-Zoom, Cable-Zoom 1Mbps,10 Mbps(128Kbps) 10 Mbps (20GB) and revert to 128 Kbps Less cost when paid in advance Rs 1100
Broadlink WiFi (Shared) 256, 384, 512 and 960 Kbps Sharing up to 4 persons Summer Offer (Check Website) Rs 899 , Rs 1348, Rs 2700, Rs 6742
Subishu WiFi 128 Kbps, 256 Kbps, 512 Kbps Unlimited for one months New year offers (check website) Rs 800, Rs 1050, Rs 1725
Classictech WiFi 512Kbps Rs 500
UTL CDMA 128 Kbps One month free Rs 500 + one time (Rs 848)
Web Surfer WiFi 384 Kbps, 256 Kbps, 192 Kbps Rs  1500,Rs 1100, Rs 900  + one time (Rs 3000)
Mercantile WiFi (Econet) 192 Kbps, 384 Kbps, 768 Kbps RS 1000, Rs 1700, Rs 3300
Vianet WiFi 1 Mbps(90 GB) + 256 Kbps Discount when paid in advance (more months) Rs 5500
CWC WiFi 192Kbps, 320Kbps Differs from monthly to yearly Rs 600, Rs 1000
Otel Space Time Network (STN) Cable and Fiber 1 Mbps for home users (sharing ratio 1:6), other packages available Monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly and Yearly Free Installation Charge (all packages), Free router for yearly subscribers Rs. 1050 monthly and Rs. 12600 yearly without VAT (13%)


Note: “-“is used when information is not available. The entire price listed is excluding tax.

If you work on loads of data and wish to stay connected 24/7 then unlimited plan would be a good option for you. Otherwise, unlimited data plan would be expensive for users who use internet occasionally. A research showed that majority of the customers who were using unlimited data plan didn’t use data enough to warrant the criteria of Unlimited data plan. Thus, Volume Based Plan is a good alternative to Unlimited Data Plan for part time users.


 Volume Based Plan

Provider Speed(Kbps) Volume(GB) Cost(N.Rs) Duration
1.NTC(ADSL)(almost all part of country)WiMAX (major cities) 512 15 1980 3 months
30 3762 6 months
120 11448 12 months
256 5 650 1 month
30 1650 3 months
120 11220 1 year
512(WiMax) 8 850 1 month
36 1854 3 months
144 12750 1 year
1024(WiMax) 12 1370 1 month
2.NCELL (Mobile Broadband-3G) (major cities) >512 (offers available) 1 699 1 month
5 1999 1 month
10 2999 1 month
3. World Link 10 * 1024 and 128 after volume finished 20 1100 1 month
Cable Zoom (Some part of Kathmandu valley) 40 1800 1 month
60 3150 3 months
120 5250 3 months
240 12000 1 year
480 18600 1 year
4. Vianet 1024 and 256 after volume usage 90 5500 1 month
270 16000 3 months
540 31350 6 months
1080 59400 1 year


As we see above, volume based data plan provides higher data rates. So, if you are looking for performance then you can undoubtedly choose Volume Based plan.

Night Surfing Plan

Provider Service Speed(Kbps) Details Cost(NRs)month
1. Web Surfer (WiFi) 5 pm to 10 am 256 500 +installation (3000)
2. Mercantile(WiFi) 6 pm to 9 am 256 6 month advance 900
512 1500


Night Surfing Plan is the best Plan for people working 10-5. As you are working in office during daytime, you can save a good deal of money by choosing Night Surfing Plan. Interestingly, you will still be able to use internet as soon as you are back home at 5 pm and keep surfing till you leave for work at 10 am.

The costs specified above are for usage and registration only. Thus, buying a networking device additionally to connect you to the internet will ultimately affect initial cost of every plan. The following list gives you a glimpse of network devices compatible for your network:


  1. For ADSL : ADSL Modems (Wireless : about RS 2200, Only Wired: about RS 1200)
  2. For WiFi: No device, sometimes signal booster needed (cost varies), Wi-Fi router needed if you want to share.
  3. CDMA modem about RS 1000 (or more)
  4. Wlink device are provided by the company with certain terms.
  5. Mobile USB adapter is needed to connect to internet using NCELL. It can be purchased outside or even buy it from NCELL.

ISPs and their coverage

Provider Service Coverage Contact
1.NTC ntc ADSL Almost 75 district Customer care centerSundhara, KathmanduTel:.01-4259864
WiMAX Major cities of Nepal
2.NCELL ncell 3G Internet Major cities of Nepal and in Mount Everest base camp
3.World Link wlink Cable Zoom Some part of Kathmandu Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
Tel.: +977-1- 5523050
Wi Zoom
4. Broadlinkbroadlink WiFi Central development region, Western development region and some part of Eastern development region Inderni Heights ‚Sanepa(RingRoad)Lalitpur‚ NepalTel: +977 1 5553020 ;+977 1 5553021
5. Subishu subisu WiFi Some area of Kathmandu Phone.01- 4429616
6. Classic Tech ctech WiFi Some part of Kathmandu valley  New Baneshwor-10, Baneshwor Plaza – 4th & 5th Floor, Kathmandu, Nepal.Tel: +977-1-4466607
7. UTL utl CDMA Many area in country, verify your location by looking at its webpage PutalisadakTel.: 01-2222222
8. Mercantilemercantile WiFi Some part of Kathmandu valley Toll Free:16600155555
9. Vianetvianet WiFi Some part of Kathmandu valley Jawalakhel Road, LalitpurTel : 977-1-5546410
10. CWC (Cherry World Communication Pvt Ltd.)sni WiFi Some part of Kathmandu valley  Ltd.New Baneshwor, Sankhmul RoadKathmandu, NepalTel: +977-1-4785651
11. Otel


Co-axial (STN Network) and fiber cable Major parts of Kathmandu Valley.(expansion in progress)  Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
Prera Business Center
Tel: 01-5553703


If you are outside the valley then you might not have as many options available. Broadlink providesWi-Fi facility outside the valley. You can use their Wi-Fi services in places where there is good WiFi signal strength. Broadlink also provides a device, Signal Booster @ NRs 3500 with some attractive offers, that helps you boost the WiFi signal.

Also, telecommunication companies NTC, NCELL, UTL provides internet services through their existing communication backbone. ADSL provided by NTC is a widely available and cost effective solution that satisfies Internet need of majority of users. Nevertheless, if you are going to Mount Everest, you might consider taking NCELL with you to stay connected. 3G internet by NCELL is perhaps one of the fastest internet in Nepal, however it drains your purse in a wink compared to any other services. Likewise, UTL provides CDMA Internet services but it requires good signal strength to have desired speed, so if a good signal is not available don’t try UTL.

In Kathmandu valley, there are different ISPs that provide affordable Internet connectivity, so go for ISP that matches your speed need, total data per month, and importantly the one that fits your budget.

Happy Surfing!!

  • Umanga Bista

    sabai vanda sasto ramro ta ClassicTech nai cha jasto cha ta.?

    • Yes, If you got the better signal then you are good to go.

  • rochak shrestha

    wow This is a great Info. I was in plan of doing the same. Great work.

  • i dont know on what base you have done the coverage study, but in eastern nepal ; both subisu and wlink are providing internet at my hometown.. great effort on the post. starting well , but u need to have more research based blog. keep updating.

  • puskar badal

    Eastlink Wi-FI is cheapest, best, reliable, high speed internet service for home users in Kathmandu, Nepal. Eastlink have developed more Hotspots throughout most of the areas in Kathmandu Valley. Considering the significance use of Mobile Devices i.e. Smartphone, Tablets, PCs etc Eastlink provides Wi-Fi service to support your Internet using experience wherever you are. Eastlink Wi-Fi helps you to balance your busy schedule while you are on the move.

    Unlimited PackageB/W1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months256/256Kbps700.001,800.003,000.004,800.00384/384Kbps900.002,400.004,200.006,000.00512/512Kbps1,300.003,300.005,400.007,000.00768/768Kbps1,700.004,500.007,000.0010,500.00

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    where is pokhara internet

  • Sagar Shiwakoti

    Classic Tech 512 Kbps (unlimited) costs Rs. 1000 with tax. If you are in the good coverage area, it is the best option.

  • suraj

    Bro could you list the installtion price of wlink and blink.

  • Surendra Maharjan

    classic tech or worldlink or vianet five

  • Surendra Maharjan

    fiber net which to connect vianet claassic tech or worllink

  • Pawan Rijal

    NO brothers and sisters.. best for you is Otel service. it is becoz 1 mbps(unlimited) is provided and is new with coaxial fibre in just rs 1050 (excluded of VAT) it is the best i think..

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    Thanks for sharing great content here.

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  • Nitin Sharma

    No matter what, internet price should come down considering the usage and competition. The service is not so diversified, however the price still remains expensive. I would prefer some kind of technology where users would be able to use internet in an integrated format with the smooth satellite mechanism like Dish Home – Digital TV in Nepal.