Locus 2013 to Start from 28th June, Focuses on Engineering Rural Development

Locus 2013 – the 10th National Technological festival is all set to start from 28th June 2013 (14 Asadh 2070) at Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. Locus is considered as one of the major technological events in Nepal with over 15 thousand students, professionals and technology enthusiasts visiting the event. The three day event primarily focuses on software, hardware and electrical projects by engineering students from all over Nepal.
Locus 2013

The theme of Locus 2013 is “Engineering the Rural Development”. The primary objective of the event is to bring to light the present disparity of technology in the rural areas of Nepal and model the solution approaches. These modeling shall be via hardware implementations, software implementations, paper presentations and panel discussions.

The major Attractions of Locus 2013:
Electronic Hardware, Computer Software and Electrical Exhibitions are the major highlights of the three days LOCUS technological festival. Under these broad events there are broad activities like open/thematic competition, exhibition as well as seminars, workshops, and competitions on variety of topics suited for both the technical and the non-technical crowd.

1) Computer Software Exhibition / Demonstration : Students from different engineering colleges will be competiting in the Software competition. All the software will be demonstarted thoughout 3 days of Locus 2013. The competition will be on two groups : a) Open category where software related to any topic will compete and b)Thematic competition where software related to topic -“Engineering the rural Development” will participate.

2) Electronic Hardware Exhibition/Demonstration: Like the Software competition, Hardware projects demonstrated by Engineering Students will be competing in the event. I wil also have two groups.

3) Electrical Events Exhibition/Projects: Students from Electrical engineering will demonstrate projects related to the field.

4) IT Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion: To be held on final day of Locus 2013, the panel discussion will feature some young IT entrepreneurs from Nepal. It will also be a networking event where students can directly interact with the entrepreneurs and gets tips on starting a business venture or building a career.

5)Yomari Code Camp: Every year Yomari organizes a code camp at Locus. This year, the code camp will be held on the second day of Locus 2013. Programmers develop an application by programming for the whole day and can use any programming language or API’s. The participants can develop applications on different themes which are predefined. The best application will win prize from the organizer – Yomari.

6) Gaming (FIFA, PES, DOTA, Counter Strike)
7) Paper Presentation
8) Web Design Competition

Other supporting events:
1) Inter College +2/Bachelor Level Technical Quiz Competition
2) Assembling and Soldering Competition
3) ROBO Akhada (robot wrestle)
4)Photography Demonstration / Rural Development Photography Competition
5) Online Technical Quiz
6) Logo Design Competition
7) CISCO Networking Seminar
8) Photovoltaic Power System Design Workshop

More About Locus:
Date: 14, 15 and 16 Asadh 2070
Time: 10 AM each day
Official website:
Facebook :
Twitter : @Locus2013 (Official hashtag – #locus2013)
Sponsors: Verisk Information Services (Main Sponsor), Yomari Inc. Pvt. Ltd (Theme Sponsor), Karkhana (Hardware Event Sponsor), Immune Security (Software Event Sponsor) and Kings College (Electrical Event Sponsor).