Starting an Internet Café Business

internet-cafeThinking of an Internet Café Business? It might be one of the profitable business idea in Nepal Today. Despite the load-shedding, it’s an opportunity for Nepalese Entrepreneurs to invest in Internet Café. More power cut, more business because many do not want to pay ISPs huge chunk of monthly amount for few hours’ usage every day. They’d rather go Internet Café’s for the Internet.

Read on as we provide ‘How-To’ on starting an Internet Café Business.

Idea & Research

Formulate an idea on how to run an Internet Café and the different services that can be offered. Research on the feasibility, need and focus on the audience you wish to cater to.

The Place

Choosing a location must be the first priority.

  • Locations near the schools/education institutions, market places or inside the community are ideal for Internet Café.
  • Make sure the structure is safe and rigid.
  • Also, make sure that it has no water leaks on the ceiling because computers are sensitive to this.
  • A well ventilation is a must unless using an air conditioner.
  • Not the least, the location must have access to broadband Internet connections like ADSL and FTTH.

Broadband Connection

An Internet Service Provider must be chosen based on its availability and reliability. Better customer care services should be a must while choosing any ISP.

  • For 5 or less computers, any available services with 384 Kbps to 512 Kbps bandwidth can be used. For Café with more than 5 computers, 1 Mbps or higher bandwidth should be considered.
  • Consult with your neighbors, other subscribers in the area regard the broadband service before applying.
  • Better routers should be selected so that it can be used for leasing and which have better wireless capacity

Tables & Chairs

The size of tables and chairs does matter. Depending on the space/dimension of the shop the size and design of tables and chairs should be selected.

  • Smaller place means thinner tables or compress. Also CPUs can be placed atop a long fly wood above the table.
  • Visit your neighbor Internet Café, it will give an idea what works and not.
  • Make sure it has at least 3 sockets in every outlet of every cubicle. Each for CPU, Monitor and remaining one can be kept for standby or for Speakers.
  • Also selecting chairs depend on the class of your shop. Usually, mono block chairs are being used.
  • It is recommended to consult carpenters on design.

The Computers

Selecting computers must be very careful. The overall business depends on the wise investment on this factor.

  • Low end computer parts may be slower and non-responsive while high end computers perform better but are expensive.
  • Go for the better products viewing the future prospect so that it won’t affect the technology changes; and be updated with latest versions of Operating Systems.
  • It is recommended to consult with other Internet Café owners/ expert Teams for any help.
  • Remember that bigger investments means longer to recover.

Some research related to Online Activities at Internet Café.


Estimated Budget for Startup

Estimated startup cost
Computer 7 20000 140000
Table/ Chair 7 1500 10500
Internet (Yearly) 1 22000 22000
Router 1 1800 1800
Battery/ Inverter 1 100000 100000
Phone booth 1 5000 5000
Phone set/ SIP device 1 3000 3000
Misc expenses 1 17700 17700
Total Estimated cost 300000

Important things to consider when starting an Internet Café Business

  • Don’t compromise with the Quality of Internet in order to save money.
  • How many computers will your Internet Café business have and how do you plan to eventually increment?
  • What other services and amenities you wish to offer to your customers?
  • The type of furniture and facilities that you offer can also have a huge impact on how long your customers stick around.

These are the things to remember while starting an Internet Café. Did we miss something on the ‘How-To’? Place your suggestions below.