How Smartphones are Changing Life of an Ordinary Nepali

The smartphone industry has grown by several folds all over the world and Nepal is no different. Take a look around and you will see the majority of the people owning a smartphone. The influx of leading smartphone brands like Samsung, Apple, HTC etc. as well as local brands all points to the fact that the demand for smartphones in Nepal is at an all-time high. The mobile technology has also improved considerably since the last few years and we have seen innovative features come up in mobile phones which have truly captured our minds and imaginations.

The smartphones have truly brought a significant change in lifestyles of Nepalese. Before discussing these changes, let’s take a look at the major benefits of smartphones and how they have impacted a change in lifestyles:

Improved communications: The basic function of the phone is to communicate through calls and text messages. The smartphones have done that perfectly well but have also paved the way to newer forms of communication. These include emails, video calls and social networking like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Internet access: The biggest advantage of smartphones is that you can get blazing fast internet at your fingertips. This means that you are connected to the whole world through your phone and can receive updates on what is happening worldwide in a matter of a few seconds.

Unlimited applications: All smartphones have stores (Apple Store, Google Play Store) where users can download various applications. You can download games, music players, lifestyle magazines, social networking apps and so much more. This means that your smartphone can be used to perform multiple things and enhance your productivity significantly.

All these benefits have led to a change in lifestyle among Nepalese people. Let’s take a look at how that has happened:

Change in lifestyle
The biggest change in the lifestyle which has come is the increased occurrence of online shopping in Nepal. People have busier lifestyles, making it very difficult for them to visit brick and mortar stores and buy things they like. Online shopping is the solution for these people. Online marketplaces like Kaymu have apps designed for smartphones which allow smartphone users to buy online right from their phones. These online shopping websites have a range of different product categories and brands listed on sale and users can find a huge variety at a single place. So instead of visiting separate stores, they can get their desired product online.

E-payments are also becoming common. People are making full use of e-payments by paying through virtual money. They don’t need to carry excess cash on them. This is great from a security point of view.
Another significant change smartphones have brought is that people can get live updates related to weather, news, sports or any event right on the phone. This can allow them to plan well in advance.

The smartphone industry has truly revolutionized the lifestyle of Nepalese. With the passage of time, you can expect further revolutionary changes in people’s lifestyle as the technology progresses.