Six journalists to be prized

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The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Associate Province Committee has decided to honour six journalists with ‘Active Journalism Encouragement Prize in Crisis’.

Associate Province Committee’s general secretary Royal Acharya said in a statement on Thursday that the prizes are announced for the journalists active in economic, photo, film, sports, politics and cartoon journalism.
Rina Moktan would be prized with film journalism prize, Menuka Karki with economic journalism prize and Jit Bahadur Saud with Sports Journalism Prize.

Likewise, Govinda Marasini with Political Journalism Prize, Birochan Malla Thakuri with Cartoon Journalism and Chandra Bahadur Ale is named for Photo Journalism Prize.

The journalists were selected for the prize for their untiring efforts in journalism in the time of COVID-19 pandemic. Each journalist will be prized with a purse of Rs 10,000, the FNJ Associate Province Committee said.
Acharya said that the prize would help encourage the journalists to continuously work in this field.


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